Key Programmers

The project for KeyProgrammers Ltd came in two parts; public facing fully fledged eCommerce solution and a back office product management and CRM system. The public sales website was implemented through Shopify and customised with UK & USA product sets, template layout, customer accounts and integration into the CRM system. The custom CRM allows management of products, customers, activation keys, sales information and reporting. The CRM is built entirely on AngularJS using .NET as a bootstrap both hosting an API solution and handling authentication.

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Tour De France

Working with Dimension Data on their Tour De France project I formed part of a team tasked with building and managing an IPad application to be shown to the VIP's during the Tour De France. The application showed full race event coverage, stage information, standings and contained video clips annotated with data collected from the competitors’ bikes. The application needed to run off line to cater for the lack of available internet reception during the mountainous stages.

Independent Inspections

Working with Independent Inspections in-house SQL administrators we designed a system that would both act as the business 'master data store' and have the ability to deploy data updates robustly to three seperate critical systems. The solution is a .NET MVC UI build with a WebAPI component. It has a 'release engine' separate from the MVC solution which has the responsibility of updating external systems. Unit testing and continuous integration & deployment are used across the build.

Redrow Homes

Redrow homes required a full rebuild of their digital offering and chose Sitecore to platform the solution. I was hired to architect, build and deliver the solution leveraging all the CMS and marketing features required. The job entailed full CMS integration, development, testing, automated build, automated deployment and consultation with the Redrow marketing team to ensure as much value as possible was taken from the Sitecore platform offering.

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Umbraco Sitecore Training

Umbraco & Sitecore Training

For a larger client I prepared and delivered two multi day training sessions, one on Umbraco the other on Sitecore. The aim was to increase developer knowledge to aid delivery and make an informed decisions when recommending between these platforms. The training was very much hands on, building applications from scratch with no 'magic' starter kit. All students left the training with applications running on the CMS along with written reference materials.

Travis Perkins Plc

Working with Amaze Plc I implemented a brand new Umbraco implementation for Travis Perkins Plc. The site is built on Umbraco's MVC implementation and uses a customised output cache to allow scaling and high performance. For investors there is integration with a number of third parties to keep the site fully up to date. There is also a customised workflow to support Travis Perkins' internal process.

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Working with Code Computerlove I helped architect and deliver a fully custom solution for the re-launch of HMV.com The application is a ground-up MVC project architected to have a separated editing environment. At point of publish data is passed to services written on service stack into Redis. The public site then queries the Redis instance. This solution together with a varnish cache allows the application to scale massively without dramatic increases in hardware.

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Woodland Trust

Working with Code Computerlove we delivered a customised version of Umbraco. In this instance the client needed separate editing and delivery environments. The solution was a custom deploy tool based on Redgate's Data compare and extensive use of Elastic Search. Having such separation allows the client to have multiple editing and pre-live environments.

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Working with Code Computerlove for 15 months as a member of their Sitecore team I helped implement an enterprise Sitecore solution for Oxfam. The solution involved building five different sites which handled their online commerce, mobile, brochure ware and community presence.

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Betta Living

An Umbraco solution using a distributed content structure allowing the editor to create pages form a number of existing components rather than using hardcoded templates. The site is fully responsive and uses a number of different caches, dramatically reducing the page load time compared with the previous solution.

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Need connects companies with available freelancers to fulfil resource requirements. There is full integration with email providers and twitter to help manage the messaging workflow. This project is a full MVC4 build using Ninject, Entity Framework and Unit testing with Mocks. The build is automated by TeamCity and releases are managed by Octopus Deploy.

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Premierline Direct (Allianz Insurance)

Taking a semi–complete Umbraco implementation inherited from another business the project was to build a brochureware and quote-and-buy system. This required stablising and re-building parts of the existing codebase by introducing dependency injection, unit and integration testing. Once the initial site had been released we integrated the checkout process with existing Allianz systems using a WCF layer to manage the data transport.

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Redburn Ideas

IDEAS Financial Redburn Partners produce financial reports to assist advice investors and fund managers. The application integrates with a document management system and a large data respository from which graphs are created. This allows Redburn to track, update and manage their reports and client base. Advisors can instantly publish a document to clients allowing them keep up with the markets.

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